Matching Tiles

* Connect 3+ tiles of the same type to make a match.

* Connect Weapons and Monsters to damage monsters.

* ConnectING 4 or more tiles may give bonus rewards (Depending on your "Luck" stat)

* TAP AND HOLD on any tile to see its "Info Pop-up".



* DUNGEON FALAN is a Turn-Based game.

* Matching tiles advance the Game Turn.

* All enemies on the board will attack you ONCE PER TURN.

* Using Player Skills do not advance the turn. Use it to your advantage and plan your future turns.

* Skill Cool-downs decreasE EVERY Turn.

* TAP AND HOLD on any SKILL to see its "Info Pop-up".



* Defeat monsters to earn XP and Level up to learn or upgrade a "Skill".

* COLLECT Coins and Buy some "gear" (Weapon /Helmet /Armor /Shield) when you level up.

* Collect Shields to repair your shield and get Upgrade Points. Level up and "UPGRADE ONE OF YOUR STATS".



* Strength: Defines your Base Damage and Amount of HP gained Per Potion collected.

* INTELLIGENCE: Lowers the cool-downs of your skills.

* DEXTERITY: Increases the amount of Shields /Upgrade Points you collect per Shield Tile matched.

* VITALITY: Increases you Max Health by 10 per level.

* LUCK: InCREASES your chance to get bonus rewards when matching 4 or more tiles. (Default Value: 50%)

* PIERCE CHANCE: InCREASES your chance ignore enemy armor and deal damage directly to HP when attacking.

* BLUNT: Decreases Enemy Damage per level, every time they attack.

* CRIT CHANCE: Chance to deal Critical damage to enemies.

* CRIT Dmg: Defines the amount of Bonus Damage you deal on a successful Critical Hit.

* LIFE-STEAL CHANCE: Chance to heal yourself when dealing damage to an enemy.

* LIFE-STEAL Amount: Amount of HP you will heal yourself on a successful Life-stealing Hit.

* REGENERATION: Amount of HP you will heal yourself at every Turn.

* REFLECT DMG: Percentage of Damage that will be reflected to any enemy that attacks you.

* POISON: Amount of Poison Damage that will be inflicted to any enemy that you attack /attacks you.